Hi! I'm Maggie. I'm a Recovering, People Pleasing, Perfectionist "Good" Kid turned Trauma Therapist.

I teach a revolutionary approach to healing low self-worth + ALL the ways it can show up:

Perfectionism, people pleasing, self-hate, anxiety, fear of letting others down, feeling not good enough.

I help you understand yourself on a profound and healing level so you can be the parent you needed to your inner child. AND your child, if you're a parent.

I'm the Founder of ✨Parenting With Perspectacles✨, where I teach about Big Feelings + Accountability with LOVE not shame for toddlers + teens + everyone in between. So you can raise kind, confident kids who feel good enough!

I'm so glad you're here!

Maggie Nick, LCSW, MSW

My feature on POPSUGAR about Gentle Parenting:

"Gentle Parenting Is a TikTok Buzzword - but Here's What Most People Get Wrong"


🔥 Learn how to stay calm + own the hell out of your boundaries with LOVE, even when your kid is disrespectful + defiant.

I'll teach you my revolutionary approach to help you raise children + teens who can love + embrace their whole selves...while also being respectful. And kind to others.

Come heal The Mother Wound with Maggie, in Paradise!

La Fortuna + Tamarindo, Costa Rica
November 10-16, 2023

With curated Workshops led by Maggie AND fellow Therapist Mama Abbey Williams of You, The Mother (hopefully Dr. Deering, too!) - to help you deal with your Inner Critic AND heal your Inner Child.

How to heal your Mother Wound so you can come back HOME to yourself.

And how to break these damn generational trauma cycles for your kids. 

On this 6-day Healing Love Bubble Retreat, we'll explore the majestic Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfall, followed by the beautiful white sand beaches of Tamarindo.

✨ 7    S P O T S    L E F T ✨


To use with toddlers to teens

$27 USD


✨The Top 10 Things✨ to say to your toddler or teen to strengthen their self-worth and help them feel SEEN + LOVED without conditions.

$10 USD

A safe space to connect other parents from 63 countries around the world who are Parenting With Perspectacles.

Where you can be REAL about how utterly AMAZING parenting can be AAAAND how it can be so freaking hard sometimes. Share successes, ask questions when you're stuck + support each other without needing to worry about feeling judged or shamed.

Maggie hangs out in the Fb Group daily to post exclusive content, go Live to share insights + be in the trenches with you.

My Story 💛

Y'all. 9 years ago, I was a mom-to-be, terrified I would screw up my kid. I did so, so much therapy to try to heal myself. 

Once my daughter was born, I found Gentle Parenting + it resonated deeply. 

It worked...except when it didn't! Which for me was a lot 😬.

Sometimes, no matter how hard I tried to stay calm, Mom Rage just TOOK OVER. I would lose it + yell. Then I felt like such a failure.

As a clinical social work grad student, I learned EVERYTHING from the scientific literature I could about HOW to raise kids who DID NOT struggle with all the things I've struggled with my whole life-

✅ Low self-worth
✅ Feeling not good enough
✅ Perfectionism
✅ People pleasing
✅ Need for control
✅ Self-hatred
✅Numbing big feelings with emotional eating.

With my groundbreaking insights on healing low self-worth + accountability without shame, I created Parenting With Perspectacles, a framework to support parents in the thick of parenting while healing their own inner child.

I help parents of toddlers to teens in 66 countries (+ counting), find their way through the hardest, most impossible moments of parenting by providing them with the tools to help both their child AND their inner child feel seen and loved.

I'm also so proud to help parents see their own struggles as opportunities to show their kids how to navigate life as messy, imperfect, wonderful humans. This gig is hard enough. We don't need to be beating ourselves up for not doing it perfectly.

I see you, showing up to learn + un-learn. 

I've been there + I've got you. 

 We're breaking cycles together + transforming future generations. Heck yes.

Thank you for being a part of this BEAUTIFUL community.

I'm so glad you're here.