Hi! I'm Maggie. I created this framework to help you raise kind, confident kids who feel SEEN + LOVED.

I’m on a mission to inspire parents to be Cycle Breakers —
I help you understand YOUR own stuff so you don't pass that on to your kids. 
For toddlers + teens + everyone in between.

A groundbreaking, world-changing parenting framework like nothing you've ever seen before.

1 1    G A M E C H A N G I N G
P A R E N T I N G     S C R I P T S
T O    U S E     W I T H
T O D D L E R S     T O     T E E N S


Why they happen, what to do + say AND how to NOT damage your kid's self-worth when they lose control.

A 2-hour Workshop that will help you never see meltdowns + tantrums the same again.

A 1-hour video course overviewing TEN core concepts of Parenting With Perspectacles. Teaching you about why kids struggle with low self-worth, how kids act out their stress + what to do when kids are anxious, clingy, blowing up over every little thing, manipulative + defiant.

I will blow your freaking mind about parenting in this mini course.

A safe space where parents can be REAL about how AMAZING + heartsplosiony parenting can be AAAAND how it can be so freaking hard sometimes that you want to run away. No judgment, no shame. Connect with other parents who are Parenting With Perspectacles. 

My bestselling 5-week live group program.
Starting Tuesday, November 2.