Raise your hand if you're exhausted from people saying things like:
"Family is everything."
"But she's your mother." 
"You don't turn your back on family." 
I N S T E A D .
Imagine hearing us say things to you like:
“My goodness you must’ve gone through so much to have come to a place of feeling like you need to cut off your mother.”
“That must’ve been so hard and painful.”
“We see you. You’re really brave. We're proud of the way you’re taking care of yourself.”
We're here to help you find hope, community, healing + insights to help you feel seen.
✨ We share our stories of the mind F of having to cut off our own mothers.

✨ How we worked through the grief + heartache + anger.

✨ How we healed + are healing now.
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Abbey is a behavioral health therapist, Founder of You, The Mother, Coach, and mother of 4. For 10 years, Abbey has provided direct clinical services to families as well as write and speak about various parenting and mental health topics. 

Abbey focuses on helping moms heal from motherhood identity issues, burnout, estrangement, and breaking generational trauma. She is committed to supporting, empowering, and connecting with all parents in all seasons of parenthood by providing accessible information on her podcast, "You, The Mother Podcast," social media platforms, coaching, support groups, and webinars for people all over the world. 

She has been featured by PopSugar, Parents, SheKnows, and Romper, and was named a top 50 parenting podcast by Podcast Magazine in 2022. 

Abbey navigates her blended family/coparenting life in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, four kids, and two sister labs.
With her revolutionary insights, Maggie is a Thought Leader in low self-worth, shame resilience, parenting and reparenting. 

Maggie is a Therapist who now coaches clients worldwide on reparenting/inner child work, parenting, healing low self-worth and cultivating shame resilience, and recovering from perfectionism, people pleasing and self-hatred.  

Maggie is a Recovering Perfect Child who helps you to understand yourself on a profound and healing level so you can be the parent you needed to your inner child AND your actual child, if you are a parent.

Maggie is the Founder of Parenting With Perspectacles, a framework to support parents of toddlers to teens in finding their way through the hardest, most impossible moments of parenting by providing them with the tools to help both their child AND their inner child feel seen and loved.

Maggie is passionate about helping others release the shame of feeling not good enough, like a disappointment to others and needing to hustle for your worth. Maggie shares insights from her own 15+ year trauma healing journey, helping people in 75 countries to heal themselves and learn how to believe they deserve love without conditions. 

Maggie lives a messy, imperfect, wonderful life in Florida with her family - husband Matt, daughter  + son (elementary aged) and beloved soulmate dogs, Hazel and Everest. She tries to see the beach with her eyes every day if possible, as the beach is a huge part of how she re-mothers + regulates herself.

Maggie filmed The Estrangement Project using her other social media username @parentingwithperspectacles.

You can find her on Instagram + Tiktok @maggiewithperspectacles AND @parentingwithperspectacles.
Drawing upon her 20+ years as a licensed psychologist, nationally board-certified sport psychologist, and mom of twin adult daughters, Mother Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer Dr. Michelle Deering developed The Life Mirror Remedy®, a framework that breaks generational cycles of hurt and creates pathways towards healing. 

Her passion is to educate, encourage, and equip moms (who are first daughters) with psych-infused, research-based strategies and tools which help them make intentional connections that create meaningful communications with their daughters. A Brown University alum, Dr. Deering is also the best-selling author of What Mothers Never Tell Their Daughters and host of the hit podcast, Mother Daughter Connections™. 
Michelle teaches women how to pause to consider their body of behavior and understand their “cycles” of patterns with their mom so that they can make the mental and emotional shifts needed to relate better with themselves and connect more closely with their own daughters.

Dr. Deering lives in NC with her BFF hubby of 30+ years and enjoys wonderful relationships with her empowered adult twin daughters. While she gets replenished by her peace-filled daily runs and yoga exercises, she is a fan of all genres of music and loves rocking out on her classic Ludwig drum kit.
Michaila is a Self-worth + Motherwound mentor, and advocate for women who are on a journey of self-acceptance and honouring their fullest expression.

She is an ex-nurse and mother of two, who has spent almost a decade healing from a lack of identity that often consumes daughters with the reality of a prominent Motherwound.

Her research and work into understanding shame, generational trauma and vulnerability has further defined her mission to guide women to a new realisation that they were never the problem and help them discover where their mother ends - and they begin. 

Michaila teaches women how to shed the ‘good girl’ stories, catapult their emotional intelligence and live a life beyond expectations - turning their pain into their greatest gift.
Michaila and her husband, Ed are currently world-schooling their children (Niamh, 8 + Max, 4) whilst travelling full-time.
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